Research Topics (RT) 7

Synthesis of Holocene sea level records along eastern South America and comparisons with records from West Africa

The famous Brazilian sea level record (Martin et al., 1979, 1979; Martin & Suguio, 1992; Suguio et al., 1980, 1984) include two high-amplitude oscillations; a 2.5-4.0 m oscillation at around 4000 BP and a 2.8 m oscillation at around 2700 BP (Fig. 7-7-1). These two events have been traced over a very large coastal zone area. The regressions are said to be backed up by stratigraphic indications. The verification of these high-amplitude oscillations remains one of the most important topics in present day sea level research. It is of great significance that Wong (1992) seems to have recorded the same oscillations in Guyana. Their reality in Brazil and northern Argentina has been seriously questioned by Angulo & Lessa (1997), however.

Fig. 7-7-1. Sea level curve of Brazil (from Martin & Suguio, 1992) with alternating submergence and emergence marked.

The Brazilian oscillations seems only understandable in therms of some sort of super-ENSO event (e.g. Mörner, 1995). It is, therefore, reasonable to make comparisons with the West African records (e.g. Faure, 1980), too.

Commissional note


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